December 17, 2018

A workshop for Petromarket R&D

On December 12-14, Boris Aronstein, TechInput Group President, conducted a workshop for Petromarket R&D staff, the topic being “Oil&gas assets assessment and monitoring”.

Three study modules were presented to the audience in the course of the workshop, namely:

– Oil-gas reserves and assets as items of property and classification. This module saw legal aspects discussed, as well as rules defining Russian and other countries’ natural resources development. Included in the module were also reserves classification systems as a baseline for assessment.

– Oil-gas reserves audit with key stages of audit analyzed, intra-corporate monitoring and investment prospects analysis.

– Market-grade tools for evaluating oil-gas reserves, with an emphasis on their market prices.

Petromarket R&D is an independent private company, focusing on Russia and former CIS states’ oil-gas markets, with the key aim of providing conprehensive support to oil-gas marketing business (information, analysys, consulting, etc.). Petromarket R&D has been enjoying working relationship with TechInput for the past ten years.