April 26, 2018

Employee Training is the Best Incentive

Another series of employee upgrade training workshops started at the TechInput Moscow office on April 16. The series is Stage Two of a unique training course Introduction into the Oil and Gas Industry. The workshop was held by course author Boris Aronstein, President of TechInput Group.

The first workshop series, which took place in November-December 2018, was devoted to the upstream sector, particularly, reserves evaluation and hydrocarbon production.

The second series devoted to the middle-stream and downstream sectors covers the following topics, among others:

  • Transportation of crude oil and natural gas, petroleum and gas products
  • Oil and gas disposition
  • Oil refining
  • Global oil and gas market forecasts
  • Petroleum products marketing.

You can find more details about the training program at http://techinput.com/ru/

For many years TechInput has been designing targeted programs and multimedia training aids those employed by oil and gas companies. 

Learning with us is the best investment in your future.