December 12, 2019

New Year Anniversary Conference of Moscow Translation Club (MTC)

On December, 6 TechInput participated in the 10th Annual Conference of Moscow Translation Club. It is worth pointing out that the topics raised at the conference, especially the translation industry transformation, current development trends and new technologies application in translation aroused great interest of the entire translation community.

TechInput team would like to highlight the presentation made by Konstantin Ioseliani (Janus Worldwide) on the development strategies in the digital transformation era. During the presentation, the participants had the opportunity to get acquainted with the main trends in the development of the translation market. Today, the future of companies will largely, if not mainly, depend on the transformation of business models and corporate management, i.e. transition from the Linguistic Service Provider (LSP)1 model to a more global Complex Service Provider (CSA)2 model. TechInput Group of Companies has expanded its portfolio of services and is providing its customers not only linguistic project support, but also comprehensive project support, consulting and educational services. TechInput recognized this report as the best at the conference and awarded Konstantin a special prize – the book of William Shakespeare’s Sonnets translated by Boris Aronshtein, President of the TechInput Group of Companies. The book was issued for the 20th anniversary of TechInput. The prize was handed over by Jeren Khydyrova, Deputy General Director for Strategic Development of TechInput LLC.

TechInput representatives participated in Business Track and Process Technology Track sessions of the conference and would like to highlight the exclusively high level of preparation and professionalism of the speakers, especially in the field of new technologies introduction in the process of translation and quality assurance. Leonid Glazychev (LogrusIT) introduced a new development – a beta version of a cloud portal for quality assurance, which allows for creating and applying three-dimensional quality metrics, organizing effective interaction of all the translation process participants (client – reviewers – project team), providing information on the work progress, storing and analyzing statistics. The portal incorporates such features as convenience, transparency, speed, uniform storage of metrics, users, finance, projects and statistics. The cloud portal fits for any budget, deadlines and error analysis detalization level, which was very explicitly compared with a head of cabbage by the speaker.

The combination of interesting presentations and communication with colleagues during the breaks made the event very interactive and varied. Live music jazz band set the New Year mood right from the doorstep. It was useful and pleasant to talk with colleagues and associates, to discuss important industry issues with a glass of champagne, and take part in the gala dinner that highlighted the New Year mood. The MTC thematic cake was delicious!


1 Linguistic Service Provider

2 Complex Service Provider

New Year Anniversary Conference of Moscow Translation Club (MTC)