7 Jul 2020

Successful ISO re-certification

On May, 2020, TechInput successfully passed re-certification for conformance with ISO 9001:2015 “Quality management systems – Requirements” and ISO 17100:2015 “Translation services – Requirements for translation services”……

6 May 2020
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CSA Research COVID-19 Survey

In March 2020, CSA Research conducted a survey among CEOs of 193 biggest world LSPs with TechInput included. Results of this survey are confidential and can be used by participants only. However…….

18 Apr 2020
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Translation Industry

LSPs Sue Canada Translation Bureau Over ‘Polluted’ Translation Memories

There’s a fine art to getting the best out of translation memory (TM) software, and mismanaging it can wreak a world of havoc, as translators and project managers have long been aware….

6 Apr 2020

TechInput work mode under COVID-19 conditions

Due to coronavirus worldwide pandemic situation, which has widely involved our country as well, we would like to inform you about measures TechInput has undertaken  in order to continuously provide linguistic services to its customers and business partners, protect its personnel and ensure the most effective implementations of tasks during this tough time…..

30 Dec 2019

New Year Vendor Appreciation Party in the World Bank Office

World Bank has a wonderful tradition: to organize vendor appreciation party for its freelance translators every year in the New Year eve. This year the event took place for the 6th time on the 20th of December. In the New Arbat World Bank office the house translators and freelancers, who have been actively cooperating with the Bank Translation Unit gathered together in order to exchange congratulations and news and even discuss some translation difficulties with colleagues and get expert advice. This year the celebration was not just that of the New Year….

12 Dec 2019

New Year Anniversary Conference of Moscow Translation Club (MTC)

On December, 6 TechInput participated in the 10th Annual Conference of Moscow Translation Club. It is worth pointing out that the topics raised at the conference, especially the translation industry transformation, current development trends and new technologies application in translation aroused great interest of the entire translation community…

19 Nov 2019
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Translation Industry

What Quakers Can Teach Us About the Politics of Pronouns

Pronouns are the most political parts of speech. In English, defaulting to the feminine “she/her” when referring to a person of unspecified gender, instead of the masculine “he/him,” has long been a way of thumbing one’s nose at the patriarchy. (“When a politician votes, she must consider the public mood.”)……

3 Oct 2019

Our Business Breakfast – Invaluable Experience for You!

On September 26, the Marriott Grand Hotel hosted TechInput Group of Companies Business Breakfast for the representatives of oil and gas industry on the topic “Technical translation as an important element of services for the oil and gas industry” dedicated to the 20th anniversary of TechInput…..

18 Sep 2019
Translation Industry

Trump’s Twitter War on Spelling

By Sarah Lyall
The New York Times
August 31, 2019
The president’s supporters don’t mind his linguistic slips, but lexicographers and grammarians worry about the permanent effect on language.

14 Aug 2019
Translation Industry

Parlez-Vous Anglais?
Yes, of Course.
By Pamela Druckerman

The New York Times
August 10,2019
The hundreds of thousands of Americans descending on Paris during this year’s tourist season are in for a shock: The city’s waiters, bakers and taxi drivers — and practically anyone else they encounter — will mostly speak to them in eager, serviceable and occasionally even near-perfect English……