27 Feb 2019
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Translation Industry

How to Build a Translator/Interpreter Résumé That Sells

The key to getting a response from a prospective client is to sell yourself in two areas: 1) the introductory email or form in which you send your résumé, and 2) in the résumé itself. While this may seem […]

15 Feb 2019
Translation Industry

He Said, She Said: Addressing Gender in Neural Machine Translation

Artificial intelligence technology has run into a potentially delicate issue: gender bias. In November 2018, mainstream news media reported that Google’s automatic suggestion tool for Google Mail will not suggest gender-based pronouns to avoid autocompleting a sentence with the wrong gender.

17 Jan 2019

TechInput Inc. turns twenty

TechInput Inc. was established January 14, 1999 in Houston, Texas – the world’s oil capital. Those were hard times for international oil and gas industry (and global economy in general). Annual average price of oil, standing at USD 11.98 in 1998, dropped even lower in 1999, nearly reaching its all-time low of USD 11.11. The […]

15 Jan 2019
Translation Industry

America’s Translation Rate Holds Firm at USD 0.22

Over the past few years the language industry has been actively exploring alternative pricing models, such as hourly or subscription-based models. Yet despite all the innovation, the good old word rate remains the metric overwhelmingly used by this multi-billion dollar industry. But how much does a word cost? Obtaining data from private sector clients is hard, […]

14 Jan 2019
Translation Industry

The Language Industry According to LinkedIn

Professional networking site LinkedIn has continued to grow since it was acquired by Microsoft for a whopping USD 26.2bn in late 2016. The site now has more than 500 million users and reportedly generated USD 1.3bn in revenues in the first quarter of 2018. While many people continue to see LinkedIn as an online version of their […]

24 Dec 2018
Translation Industry

New Translation of Bible

One morning this fall, at his home high in the Berkeley hills, the literary critic and translator Robert Alter chatted with me about the dilemmas he faced while translating the Hebrew Bible. Alter, who is 83, sat on a sofa with a long-limbed, feline watchfulness. Behind him, a picture window looked out onto a blooming […]

17 Dec 2018

A workshop for Petromarket R&D

On December 12-14, Boris Aronstein, TechInput Group President, conducted a workshop for Petromarket R&D staff, the topic being “Oil&gas assets assessment and monitoring”. Three study modules were presented to the audience in the course of the workshop, namely: – Oil-gas reserves and assets as items of property and classification. This module saw legal aspects discussed, […]

12 Dec 2018

Boris Aronstein meets the readers at the Tsyolkovskiy Bookstore

A presentation of Dylan Thomas translations by Boris Aronstein in a book called “Sound and Word”, published by TechInput, took place at a Tsyolkovskiy bookstore. Boris Aronstein shared his knowledge in literary translation and answered his would-be reader’s questions. “Word and Sound” book aims at presenting the Russian reader with complete polyphony of a great Welsh poet, […]

10 Dec 2018

TechInput participates in Moscow Translators Club’s New Year conference

On December 7th TechInput senior management attended Moscow Translators Club conference (MPK-9). The company’s delegation included Boris Aronstein, President of TechInput Group; Svetlana Ostapenko, TechInput Director-General and Evgeniy Melnikov, Operations Manager. The event targets all participants of translation industry – clients, translation companies’ owners, managers and employees, freelancers. In the course of the conference a number of […]

3 Dec 2018

B. Aronstein’s “Word and Sound” now available in Tsyolkovskiy

We are pleased to inform you that you can buy ‘Word and Sound’, the new book by Boris Aronstein in the Tsiolkovskiy Bookstore or order online […]