12 Oct 2020
Translation Industry

What You Need to Know About the World’s Most Powerful Language Model

OpenAl, a non-profit research company (San Francisco), with well-known Elon Musk among its co-founders, has released GPT-3 neural network (Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3)…

30 Sep 2020

TechInput extends warm greetings to its colleagues on their professional day

International Translation Day is celebrated every year on 30 September. Our life today is literally unimaginable without translations: they are essentially part of its every domain…

26 Sep 2020

A lecture by Boris Aronshtein was held at the State Library for Foreign Literature

On September 25, founder and president of TechInput Group of Companies, literary translator Boris Aronshtein met with the readership of the Margarita Rudomino All-Russia State Library for Foreign Literature where he gave a lecture…

10 Sep 2020
Translation Industry

Google Injects USD 100 Million and Automated Translation Into Telehealth

Google is betting on telehealth as the next frontier for its natural language processing (NLP) and translation services. The stakes are high: Google Cloud announced a USD 100m investment and multiyear partnership with US telehealth platform Amwell…

26 Aug 2020
Translation Industry

COVID-19 and Its Consequences: How World Market of Linguistic Services Survives the Pandemic

The reaction of the market of translation services to the outbreak of the coronavirus and the lockdown followed it was predictable: the industry is experiencing hard times…

22 Aug 2020

The Association of Translation Companies is a New Phase of Collaboration of Industry Representatives

The Association of Translation Companies (ATC) was officially registered in Moscow in summer of 2020. The Association has
been created based on the Moscow Translation Club in order to revive the industry after the protracted crisis caused by low prices for services and unfair market relations…

14 Aug 2020

TechInput and Union of Nationalities Magazine Entered into an Information Partnership Agreement

TechInput and Union of Nationalities, an informational and analytical magazine, signed an agreement on cooperation in the information area. The parties agreed to jointly work on the promotion in mass media of projects related to the translation industry…

4 Aug 2020
Translation Industry

Lack of Translated Coronavirus Guidance Jeopardizing Non-English Speakers in U.K.

A joint letter to the U.K.’s Secretary of State for Health and Social Care and the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities, and Local Government warns that a lack of translated coronavirus guidance is jeopardizing the safety of non-English speakers in Britain…

27 Jul 2020
Translation Industry

Translation in a Pandemic: а language that saves lives

What is the role of translation in a pandemic? Shared knowledge and information are essential to scientific advancement. That is especially true today, as the world looks for answers in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis…

21 Jul 2020

TechInput recognized among largest LSP in Eastern Europe

Independent market research firm CSA Research recognizes TechInput as a leader in the multi-billion global translation, interpreting, and localization industry…