18 Sep 2020
Translation Industry

Google Injects USD 100 Million and Automated Translation Into Telehealth

Google is betting on telehealth as the next frontier for its natural language processing (NLP) and translation services. The stakes are high: Google Cloud announced a USD 100m investment and multiyear partnership with US telehealth platform Amwell…

7 Sep 2020
Translation Industry

What You Need to Know About the World’s Most Powerful Language Model

OpenAl, a non-profit research company (San Francisco), with well-known Elon Musk among its co-founders, has released GPT-3 neural network (Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3)…

26 Aug 2020
Translation Industry

COVID-19 and Its Consequences: How World Market of Linguistic Services Survives the Pandemic

The reaction of the market of translation services to the outbreak of the coronavirus and the lockdown followed it was predictable: the industry is experiencing hard times…

4 Aug 2020
Translation Industry

Lack of Translated Coronavirus Guidance Jeopardizing Non-English Speakers in U.K.

A joint letter to the U.K.’s Secretary of State for Health and Social Care and the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities, and Local Government warns that a lack of translated coronavirus guidance is jeopardizing the safety of non-English speakers in Britain…

27 Jul 2020
Translation Industry

Translation in a Pandemic: а language that saves lives

What is the role of translation in a pandemic? Shared knowledge and information are essential to scientific advancement. That is especially true today, as the world looks for answers in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis…

15 Jun 2020
Translation Industry

The impact of new reality on translation industry

Nowadays the society has faced a global challenge that has no any analogues in the modern world. The pandemic led to significant changes in all sectors of our life. Most experts from various industries note that COVID-19 has already created so-called new reality…

6 May 2020
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CSA Research COVID-19 Survey

In March 2020, CSA Research conducted a survey among CEOs of 193 biggest world LSPs with TechInput included. Results of this survey are confidential and can be used by participants only. However…….

18 Apr 2020
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Translation Industry

LSPs Sue Canada Translation Bureau Over ‘Polluted’ Translation Memories

There’s a fine art to getting the best out of translation memory (TM) software, and mismanaging it can wreak a world of havoc, as translators and project managers have long been aware….

19 Nov 2019
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What Quakers Can Teach Us About the Politics of Pronouns

Pronouns are the most political parts of speech. In English, defaulting to the feminine “she/her” when referring to a person of unspecified gender, instead of the masculine “he/him,” has long been a way of thumbing one’s nose at the patriarchy. (“When a politician votes, she must consider the public mood.”)……

18 Sep 2019
Translation Industry

Trump’s Twitter War on Spelling

By Sarah Lyall
The New York Times
August 31, 2019
The president’s supporters don’t mind his linguistic slips, but lexicographers and grammarians worry about the permanent effect on language.