January 17, 2019

TechInput Inc. turns twenty

TechInput Inc. was established January 14, 1999 in Houston, Texas – the world’s oil capital. Those were hard times for international oil and gas industry (and global economy in general). Annual average price of oil, standing at USD 11.98 in 1998, dropped even lower in 1999, nearly reaching its all-time low of USD 11.11. The industry was losing players – British Petroleum de-facto annexed Amoco, a US-based company; Exxon absorbed its US market competitor, Mobil. Two Japanese largest players, Japan’s Nippon Oil Company and Mitsubishi Oil Company declared a merger. The sector was also losing manpower (over 9,000 oil industry workers lost their jobs as a result of Exxon and Mobil’s merger). Oil extraction in Russia, which had just defaulted on its debts, dropped to a thirty-year low. To a side observer the idea of starting a company (from scratch) whose main mission would be providing complete linguistic and related support to large-scale international oil and gas projects must have looked at least short-sighted.

Still, the great Stanisław Jerzy Lec was perfectly right in saying “When I thought to have reached the bottom, there came a knock from below.” Global energy industry turned out to be extremely adaptable to fast-changing market conditions, demonstrating not only great competitive abilities, but also a phenomenal rate of innovation. Shale oil and gas development using horizontal drilling and fracking, deep and ultra-deep drilling on the coastal shelf, LNG manufacture and its transportation over great distances, mass production of electric cars – this is just a small (although the most visible) part of new technologies which shaped the industry development for decades ahead.

Our company seized the opportunity to develop alongside the industry which it considers its priority customer and became one of the leaders. In twenty years since its establishment, the company managed to consolidate its position on new markets, including Russia and CIS states, enter the top twenty translation companies rating for Eastern Europe (CommonSense Advisory rating – Boston, USA) and became one of the first translation companies to undergo ISO 17100:2015 certification.

Our company’s most impressive customer roster comes from Russia, since the company considers it a priority to provide translation services to Russian oil and gas market players, to facilitate the business’ geographical expansion. In over fifteen years on this market, the company participated in all major international oil and gas projects (including all three Production Sharing Agreements currently enacted in Russia). At present, the company provides translation services to world’s key players in their respective segments of the market, such as ExxonMobil (oilfield exploration and development), Schlumberger (oil and gas services), World Bank (financial services), Chiyoda Corp. (engineering services). Recently the company has been actively providing translation services within LNG projects framework as such projects are considered as exhibiting the most promise for Russian and world’s energy industry, like construction projects for Sakhalin-2 LNG plant (third train) and Baltic LNG plant.

In order to keep leading positions in translation services market, our company is constantly evolving in terms of innovations. During this year total transition to cloud technologies will be complete, translation memory software list will be expanded and corporate Translation Workflow System will be drastically enhanced. In the mid-term, we are looking at introducing an On-demand Translation System as well as a Customized Neural Machine Translation System that has potential to completely revolutionize translation industry.

Our company has accomplished a lot in the twenty years since its foundation. However, we cannot stop with this as in the next twenty years there will be so much more to accomplish!

Boris Aronstein