July 20, 2018

TechInput and oil and gas sector standardization

TechInput LLC continues its cooperation with Testing and Diagnostics  Research and Training Center – a non-state institution for additional professional education. The Center takes part in UNECE (United Nations Economic Commission for Europe) oil and gas sector standardization, CEC EFNDT (Certification Executive Committee of European Federation for Non-Destructive Testing), ICNDT WG1 (International Committee for Non-Destructive Testing Working Group 1), IIW (International Institute of Welding) and EWF (European Welding Federation) working groups and committees.

In the course of cooperation TechInput specialists translated over two hundred IEC, ISO, DIN and UNE international standards into Russian language, including:

  • – Petroleum and natural gas industries — Materials for use in H2S-containing environments in oil and gas production — Part 1: General principles for selection of cracking-resistant materials
  • – Specification and qualification of welding procedures for metallic materials.
  • – Industrial valves — Pressure testing of metallic valves
  • – Petroleum and natural gas industries — Rotary drilling equipment
  • – Steel structural elements. General specifications.
  • – Federal norms and regulations in the field of industrial safety ‘General requirements for carrying out of non-destructive examination (NDE) of technical equipment, buildings and structures at hazardous production facilities’.

Over the past few years, TechInput translated more than five hundred pieces of Russian and international technical standards and certification documentation. This allowed the company to accumulate significant experience in the field and build a large team specializing in translating and adapting this type of documents.