August 29, 2018

TechInput at Mozgva

On August 10, 2018 TechInput employees took part in Mozgva, a popular game, for the second time.

Here is what have to say about Mozgva: “Intellectual bar-game Mozgva is a series of activities designed for those loving to use their heads. It unites those willing to keep their minds up while competing with other bright-eyed bushy-tailed, confident intellectuals and proletariat of the XXIth century.”

Game organizers tried to put all sorts of knowledge, logical puzzles and panel games into non-standard questions, for those loving to match their mind strength against that of other intellectually hungry competitors.

Tournamets are almost always held in bars or restaurants where people can enjoy life and get together with friends apart from answering tricky quesitions. For all the players to be on more or less equal terms, the authors of the game crafted a clear procedure. It never changes and allows for impartial selection of winners. It is the procedure that adds passion to the game and turns Mozgva evenings into truly sport events!