September 30, 2020

TechInput extends warm greetings to its colleagues on their professional day

International Translation Day is celebrated every year on 30 September. Our life today is literally unimaginable without translations: they are essentially part of its every domain, first and foremost, in the realms of economy, politics, and culture. As far as one and a half centuries back, Alexander Pushkin memorably spoke of translators as “post horses of education”.

Founder and president of TechInput Group of Companies Boris Aronshtein stressed the importance of this day: “Any professional day, and particularly an internationally observed one, is always an opportunity to highlight the importance of the profession in question in the context of increasing globalization. And this is where the work of translators becomes indispensable”.

The Russian translation industry is currently going with the rest of the country’s economy in facing hard times, its growth and development suffering the impact of a number of objective and subjective factors. And yet, new challenges can always begin to be viewed as new opportunities.

TechInput has developed a unique tech solution configuration, which enables translators and proofreaders to work remotely in online mode, using terminology and translation databases, licensed software, along with learning more about the latest trends at the corporate university. This configuration was hosted on our own servers, thus guaranteeing confidentiality and information security.

On behalf of TechInput, we compliment our colleagues on the great job they are doing!

Thank you for being with us!

TechInput extends warm greetings to its colleagues on their professional day