March 1, 2018

TechInput LLC Participates in St. Petersburg State University Survey

According to QS Graduate Employability Rankings for 2017, SPSU was in Top 3 universities doing the most to help their graduates in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

Saint-Petersburg University strives to deepen cooperation with potential employers who know exactly what knowledge and skills their employees need now and what will be needed in the future.

Since 2010 representatives of professional communities (science, business and governmental organizations) form part of SPSU’s educational commissions and actively participate in development of educational standards, planning and curricula. Also, for several years employers have been working with state certification commissions, allowing for an objective assessment of SPSU graduates’ qualification.

In particular, SPSU is working on updating translators training programs and creating a new educational standard for translator training at higher educational establishments. In this regard, the experience of TechInput LLC can be beneficial to the University.

By Order #1173 issued by the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology on 14 October 2013, TechInput LLC became an official co-developer of national standards for translation projects within Technical Committee 55 working group.

The survey included important topics such as shortcomings in the current curricula for professional translator training, language and non-language related knowledge and skills which are in demand on the market, sector specialization relevance, modern development trends in translation industry development, and possible formats of cooperation between universities and translation companies.