March 12, 2018

TechInput takes part in an annual global language services and technology survey

Common Sense Advisory (CSA), an independent language services and supporting technologies market research firm, launched its 14th annual global market volume and growth survey, in which our company regularly takes part.

According to the last year’s study results published by CSA Research, in 2017 the market for outsourced language services and related technology grew 6.97 % to US$ 43.08 billion y-o-y. Different regions of the world showed different growth rates, affected by local market conditions. This study is currently the only regular global survey of private and publicly-traded language service and technology companies.

In this comprehensive large-scale industry market survey, the firm will study and analyze the growth of the industry, providers, and services based on final business results for 2017. Based on quarterly business confidence data survey conducted at the end of 2017, revenue increased for 75 % of the language service providers last year.

“CSA Research uses trusted, structured, and documented market research methodologies to ensure comprehensive and independent data-driven research for language service providers, technology vendors, global enterprises, and investors,” adds Don DePalma, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, CSA Research.

The findings, which are published mid-year and part of CSA Research’s primary research offering, include rankings of the largest private and public language services and technology providers globally and regionally, market size estimates, the fastest-growing services in the industry, and a breakdown revealing market size estimates for translation services, on-site interpreting, translation technology, machine translation post-editing, video interpreting, mobile and game localization, and other related services.

The survey is available through April 2018.

According to the survey findings TechInput is holding its position among the Top 20 language service providers in Eastern Europe for the fourth consecutive year.