April 6, 2020

TechInput work mode under COVID-19 conditions

Dear colleagues and business partners,

Due to coronavirus worldwide pandemic situation, which has widely involved our country as well, we would like to inform you about measures TechInput has undertaken  in order to continuously provide linguistic services to its customers and business partners, protect its personnel and ensure the most effective implementations of tasks during this tough time.

In the course of last couple of years TechInput has been gradually introducing the platform type of administration. Its main characteristic comprises remote management of all service suppliers (translators, editors, proofreaders, DTP experts etc.) out of a lean management hub. Thus we have already actually shifted to that work mode, which is becoming the norm under pandemic conditions.

Before the obligatory remote working mode announcement for all Moscow businesses, tech experts and management of our company have switched to remote mode, ensuring safe and confidential access to all resources and data necessary for your support. 

We provide the following principles under this mode:

  • Continuity and transparency of our services;
  • Sustaining high quality of translations;
  • 24/7 mode of registration, processing and delivery of orders;
  • High level of confidentiality.

In addition to the abovementioned a decision has been taken to consider Saturday and Sunday working days for the COVID-19 quarantine period (up to 30.04 inclusively) and to eliminate rush rate extra charges for the following categories:

  • Orders made before 9.00 and after 18.00;
  • Orders made on Saturday and on Sunday. 


Even under current extreme conditions,