August 22, 2020

The Association of Translation Companies is a New Phase of Collaboration of Industry Representatives

The Association of Translation Companies (ATC) was officially registered in Moscow on July 7, 2020. The Association has been created based on the Moscow Translation Club in order to revive the industry after the protracted crisis caused by low prices for services and unfair market relations as well as to officially protect the professional interests of suppliers of linguistic services.

The representatives of the association can’t help but mention that it is quite symbolic and significant that the ATC has been officially registered now, in the midst of the socio-economic crisis, when the team spirit and concurrence of actions of all the members of the Association are extremely important for addressing pressing challenges of the industry.

Representatives of the Moscow Translation Club (MTC) have been accepted as the primary members of the Association and by now they have already created the governing bodies of the ATC. Being an active member of the MTC, TechInput became a member of the managing board of the Association.

Furthermore, on August 21, within the framework of Translation Forum Russia, an annual business event, representatives of the ATC had a business meeting with President of the Association of Procurement and Purchasing Managers (APPM) Olga Kanenkova. During the meeting, the parties discussed the current economic crisis and new reality the translation industry faces.

Following the discussions, the parties agreed to jointly develop multilateral cooperation in order to ensure the transparency of the market of linguistic services and technologies, including strict anti-dumping measures, creation of the system of service quality indices, development of the unified register of dishonest suppliers, arrangement of a training platform to ensure fast understanding of translation specifics by employees of procurement departments. All these actions are aimed at making a meaningful contribution to the creation of the civilized market of linguistic services and technologies in Russia.

In addition, according to the representatives of the ATC, one of the key milestones of its work in the new status will be joining the European Union of Associations of Translation Companies (EUATC) to intensify experience exchange with foreign colleagues and represent Russian translation business internationally.

On behalf of TechInput, we would like to express our pleasure and confidence that the Association of Translation Companies will create a solid basis for the rewarding work of all the representatives of the industry.

The Moscow Translation Club (MTC) was founded in 2014 by the leading translation companies of Russia. Over six years, the members of the MTC have been jointly working to develop the industry by supporting the translation profession, sharing knowledge and developments with their colleagues, participating in joint industrial programs and events, and facilitating the popularization of transparent collaboration and consolidation of the industry.

The Association of Translation Companies is  a New Phase of Collaboration of Industry Representatives