August 30, 2018

The rise of the hashtag

In recent times, Twitter has become a real stepping stone for the hashtag. How many times did we use this strange symbol before? Its versatility to condensate key words and concepts in a few characters makes it perfectly suitable for social media, where immediacy is essential.

Among the professionals who have caught on to its potential, language experts such as translators and interpreters could not miss it either.

Hashtags have a life of their own: if some of them are transparent, others can be more cryptic at first sight. Try to discover the common patterns hidden in these hashtags and match them with the right meaning, then check the answers and discover more about them in the article below!


#xl8 localization
#xl8r technical translation
#t9n terminology
#t9y                                                    interpreting
#1nt translate
#l10n translator
#techxl8 translation



Diligul, E., Hashtags des professionnels de la traduction, 2018

Written by Massimo Bertocchi, terminology trainee at Termcoord