September 28, 2018

Boris Aronstein

TechInput will publish a new book by Boris Aronstein, WORD AND SOUND. The event will coincide with the anniversary of the parent company TechInput Inc. based in New York, USA.   

The book will comprise 29 poems of the globally renowned Welsh poet Dylan Thomas in the original and in Boris Aronstein’s translation accompanied by pictures taken in locations closely related to the poet’s life and work. The book will have an audio record of all the poems in the Russian and English languages attached.    

The late 2018 plan is to launch the new publication website.

*The first book of literary translations made by the TechInput Inc. founder Boris Aronstein,Between the Languages was released earlier to coincide with the 15th anniversary of the TechInput Group, the result of a joint creative effort by the translator and like-minded authors. 

Quotation from the upcoming book, Word and Sound:

In his Nobel Prize speech Joseph Brodsky said that “…the black vertical clot of words on the white sheet of paper presumably reminds [man] of his own situation in the world, of the balance between space and his body… The poet is language’s means for existence».

The book brought to your attention is seeking to present full polyphonic texture of the poetry created by the great Welshman Dylan Thomas, its unique sounds, words joined by sensual and associative links representing an instrument of his poetic language. The book comprises 29 poems by Dylan Thomas from his four collections of verses published in his lifetime and their records made by the author in the 40s and 50s of the last century in the BBC studio, my Russian translation of the poems and their recorded recitation. 

The book will be released by the end of this year and will be available for order at

“WORD AND SOUND”. <br> Boris Aronstein