Oil & Gas Industry: the principal processes and English-Russian terminology

Oil & Gas Industry: the principal processes and English-Russian terminology

Belousov V.S. , TechInput , 2006
1100 ₽

It is the latest in a series of guides for self-study of basic processes and English-Russian terminology in the oil & gas industry, launched with the publication of the teach yourself book “Oil & Gas Industry” by the same author in 2004. It sets out in detail the basic technological processes, from field exploration to production of gasoline and other petroleum products, including a description of the equipment used and a flowchart of key operations.

The book features numerous reference materials and illustrations covering every aspect of the oil & gas industry. For visual clarity, all the reference information is contained in appendices, which include a geologic time scale, a conversion table for units of measurement, lists of English and Russian abbreviations and an explanatory dictionary (in Russian).

The chapter on Oil & Gas Reserves Audit, Analysis of Exploration Risk and Definition of Fair Market Value of Oil & Gas Fields was written by Boris Aronstein, President of TechInput Inc. It is based on empirical data provided by leading audit firm Miller and Lents Ltd. (where the author worked in the 1990s) and material from Aronstein’s lectures in the Geology Faculty of Moscow State University. It contains unique terminological material in the field of international oil reserves classification and will be exceptionally valuable for measuring the capitalization and investment potential of oil & gas companies.

The contents of this reference book are set out in a clear and easy-to-understand way and are suitable for self-study. The book’s objective is to help the reader understand oil industry technology and communicate freely with oilmen on professional topics in both Russian and English.

It is aimed at translators working or wishing to work in the oil & gas industry, university students and a wide range of people independently studying the English language.

1100 ₽
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