December 30, 2020

TechInput extends its warm seasonal greetings!

It goes without saying that for all of us 2020 became a year of test and trial, a year when the boldest of dystopian scenarios suddenly found their way into reality. And yet, such phenomenal challenges that once and forever alter the global order and the social fabric always carry unique opportunities as well. Some of the latter have been responsible for bringing TechInput up to a brand new level of service provision during these times of change – that of platform services.

The translation industry is currently experiencing unquestionably fundamental transformations, its development following in the footsteps of such thriving representatives of the transport, tourism, and entertainment industries as Yandex.Taxi, Airbnb, and Netflix respectively. TechInput, for its part, has successfully developed a configuration for a specialised administrative-technological platform (ATP) for translation services, which enables a large number of clients and contractors to operate simultaneously within a single ecosystem.

ATP is but one of TechInput’s responses to the challenges of the modern day. The platform ensures efficient and coordinated work of specialists using a common space – a virtual office of a translation company. Thanks to ATP, we can moreover share with translators the expertise that our company has accumulated over its more than 20 years in the translation industry.

On behalf of the TechInput Group of Companies, we extend to our colleagues our best wishes for Christmas and the New Year! May 2021 become a year of success and achievements, staving off all trouble and bringing instead an abundance of health and energy!


TechInput extends its warm seasonal greetings!