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Mbbl / Mmbbl / G(b)bl oil barrel (bbl) roughneck discovery chance of success

combined probability of the presence of key elements of a petroleum accumulation

discovery roughneck Mbbl / Mmbbl / G(b)bl wildcat well oil barrel (bbl)

a unit of volume measurement used for petroleum and its products, ≈159 liters

wildcat well oil barrel chance of success discovery roughneck

drill crew members who work on the derrick floor

patient capital animal spirits neobank datafication

the overall trend towards using data to make decisions

Xmas tree roughneck oil barrel (bbl) discovery wildcat well

a well drilled in an area where no current oil or gas production exists

chance of success discovery roughneck wildcat well Mbbl/Mmbbl/G(b)bl

thousand barrels / millions of barrels / billions of barrels

roughneck discovery oil barrel (bbl) wildcat well Xmas tree

an assembly of fittings and valves on the top of the casing which control the production rate of oil