TECHINPUT, INC. (TechInput) was founded in 1999 in Texas, USA by a group of technical professionals to offer consulting and translation services helping you meet your needs and goals.

TECHINPUT'S strategically and technically sound solutions are based on the diverse cross-section of training and hands-on experience as well as on technical expertise in oil and gas industry, engineering, geo- and environmental sciences, economics, regulatory permitting, and the law.

We work as a team combining our areas of knowledge for management of multi-lingual and multi-purpose projects. No deadline is too tight, no detail is too small - TechInput, Inc. is committed to stringent professional ethics that ensures highest quality, timeliness and absolute confidentiality of your jobs.



Boris Aronstein, President of TechInput, Inc. has been invited by Moscow State University as Visiting Professor to give series of lectures on Environmental Risk Assessment and Environmental Insurance.

These lectures are aimed for the graduate class of Department of Geography in a framework of special course "Environmental Resource Management" which also includes lectures on Oil and Gas Reserve Audit, Risk Analysis, and Evaluation of Fair Market Value.

The latest issue of "Who is Who on the Translation Market" magazine came off the press on June 22, 2006.

The issue features all types of services offered by TechInput: technical translation and interpretation; consulting; publishing and training for oil and gas specialists (pages 82-84). Readers will also find there an article by TechInput’s president Mr. Boris Aronstein Technical Translation in Context, or System Integration of Translation Services which convincingly demonstrates that “…Technical translation as an integrated product is a result of the combined work of linguists and specialists in various technical disciplines” (pages 98-100). Click here: Technical Translation in Context

On June 19 and 21, 2006 Boris Aronstein, President of TechInput, Inc. took part in the meetings on the global harmonization of energy reserve and resource terminology.

The meetings were organized by the RF State Committee on Reserves and focused on the comparative analysis of three major oil and gas reserve classification systems:

1.     New Russian classification of oil and flammable gas reserves and resources, developed by the group of authors led by Professor Gabrielyans (President, Geoservice)

2.     Framework oil and gas reserve classification developed UNECE Ad Hoc Group of Experts on the Harmonization of Fossil Energy and Mineral Reserves Terminology led by Sigurd Heiberg (Statoil, Chairperson AHGE).

3.     Definitions for oil and gas reserves developed byb the American Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE).

For details click here:       GKZ Seminar    For seminar's photos click here: Meeting Attendees, EVE Sprunt Charlotte Griffiths Steinar Nja, Pierce Riemer Yuri Podturkin Pierce Riemer, Igor Gutman Arkady Gabrielyants

Purvin & Gertz’ outlook: petroleum products demand growth in China passed its maximum in 2004


Moscow, March 1, 2006: Purvin & Gertz (PGI) and TechInput, Inc. (the official representative of Purvin & Gertz in Russia and CIS) announce release of a new comprehensive report “China: Can Rapid Growth Be Sustained” for Russian and CIS clients. This study (joint effort of PGI’s Singapore and Houston offices) provides a strategic planning tool for oil companies that consider entering or further establishing their presence on Chinese market as well as conducting business with their Chinese partners.

Being a major force on the world oil market China often shows its erratic economic nature and Purvin & Gertz clearly identifies the need of a fundamental study providing a reliable analysis and forecast for the growing number of companies and organizations connected to this multi-layered market. - says John Vautrain, Senior Vice-President and Head of PGI’s Singapore office and on the study’s leading expert.    

At a time when European market challenges Russian and CIS companies, China provides them with a variety of lucrative opportunities. However, will these opportunities last?

- comments Nigel Cuthbert, Vice-President in charge of projects in Russia and CIS.

New boundary-crossing study offers a thorough analysis of the overall China energy market embracing, in addition to oil, other fuels such as natural gas, solids, nuclear, hydropower, etc.  Forecasts are developed through 2020 for petroleum products and crude demand/supply, refinery utilization, trade flows.  The emphasis in the analysis is on the next five years. Future refining capacities for 2010, 2015 and 2020 are determined by Purvin & Gertz using LP modeling techniques. 

For more information please contact Maxim Arbuzov in Moscow office at +7 499 194 2428/ +7 495 194 6341 or by e-mail (maxim.arbuzov@techinput.ru).

To brief summary of the Study please click here: CHINA STUDY


TechIput's President Dr. Boris Aronstein gives lectures in the Moscow State University

Department of Geography of Moscow State University invited Boris Aronstein, President of TechInput, Inc., to present a series of lectures on oil and gas reserve audit and assessment of fair market value of oil and gas assets. Currently, two large oil and gas companies are conducting negotiations with TechInput regarding organizing similar seminars for their staff. The flexible modular structure of this program allows it to be easily adapted to any audience level. For the complete course description click at lectures program.


If you wish to offer a similar program of seminars for your staff please contact TechInput, Inc..

TechInput's President Dr. Boris Aronstein gives annual lectures at Kennedy Western University (www.kwu.edu) -

On March 5, 2005 Miller and Lents, ltd., TechInput, Inc., and Non-commercial partnership Self-regulated Enterprise National Association on Subsurface Expert Review signed an agreement for oil and gas reserve audits, fair market value evaluation and field development feasibility studies.
Subject of the Agreement is Joint oil and gas reserve auditing for Russias oil and gas companies, fair market value evaluation, feasibility studies and to insure acceptability for International reporting.

Purvin&Gertz, Inc. issues a press-release

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